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everybody has a
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this one
is mine


We’re coming into the third and final act now! :’) *feels sad at the thought*

Clicky for part 19! And thank you for reading! <3

getmygameon said: Let's see...Tank Grunt or Johnny Smith? :)

Hmm, I haven’t done a lot of thinking about Strangetown yet so I think I find these two equally interesting, although I might sway a little bit towards Johnny Smith. :) I find his affection for Ophelia really endearing and I like that he’s kind of torn between two cultures - the human, and the alien.

nekosayuri said: Dustin Broke or Dirk Dreamer?

Dirk Dreamer. :)

I see Dustin as a bit of a loose cannon, quite tempestuous and perhaps also a little manipulative. I think he’s a great companion for Angela but not really suited as a long-term partner.

Dirk, on the other hand, I imagine to have a level head on his shoulders, a soothing, decisive manner, and to be an excellent confidant. :)

Thank you for asking!

Send me any two sims and make me choose between them.

Kind of in line with my own little premade makeover project - and a great way for me to learn more about the premades! So ask away if you like! :3


Blind Date challenge

The bustling Plumbob City nightlife offers many an opportunity to aspiring amorants. So many good looking strangers, so little time…

Emmeline Salt and Maria Threebolt, the resident matchmakers, have their hands full arranging dates for the citiziens of Tumbleton. Despite the large customer traffic, and the varied personalities of their many clients, the untiring duo manages to unite people of matching temperaments and attractions, producing happy, stable relationships… most of the time.

What was that? Excuse you, first of all: you aren’t the first person to get paired with a cowplant, stop whining and delete “nature lover” from your MeetSimgles.com profile, it’s that easy. Second of all, you think this job is a breeze? You think you could do better? Well, knock yourself out, smartypants!

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Great idea! :DD I rolled Amy Cash and my own Eliz! Might find some time soon to make their sproglets. :3


The prologue for my story is posted! Go read it here :)

Clicky for part 18, and Nievsa’s weary return to Weilersee. :)

Thank you for reading!

I made a request at GoS! Eep, so scary. D: