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everybody has a
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inside of them

this one
is mine


I hope that when I start posting pics using my new Downloads folder, you guys will like them. :)

Decorating within a theme with less CC is so hard. :(

Referring to this post.

I’m sorry, anons, but that post is just reblogged from livelovepixels. You would have much better luck directing your WCIFs to them instead. ^__^ Although I’m pretty sure the skins are Joedy/Genensims and Genensims, respectively.

Kingfisher Village ‘Hood Pics





Lovely! :)


Peaches Patel from Belladonna Cove | Uberhood

First new addition to the family. Peaches the pug.

New followers!

Quite a few of you have joined me recently, hello! :D I’m very sorry I’ve not taken the time to greet you all before now, but thank you for following me and I hope you enjoy my page. :3 Feel free to send me WCIFs or messages ; I love to meet new friends!

If you’re new and not tagged, I’m very sorry to have missed you out - you’re no less appreciated. <3

New sim pictures to come soon, hopefully!


Yay, my first upload ever! 

I have 70+ followers! Thank you all for following me, liking my screens etc., it’s really nice feeling to see lots of notifications from tumblr saying for example “32 new notes”. I love you all. <3 

Because of it, I decided to make a tiny followers gift. So here you have Aria! Inside a file, there are two versions - with and without CC + that preview. Sorry for it, I should put some poseboxes in my game or something… 

~ Download Aria ~


Here are my 8 asylum inmates…inmates? is that the right word? Anyhoo, I was initially going to do a pixeltrade challenge so all of these simmies belong to pixeltrade members. So along the top row L - R  we have Travis by Slyndseysims, Nirquel by geirrendour, Ben Shepard by marasims (maranatah) and Edmund by Allesims.

Then we have the laydees of the asylum along the bottom row, from L - R..Liz by cpowell, Marta by backerbse, Maggie by Litllithsims and on the end is my controllable, Naomi Chance from one of my many failed legacies.

Her LTW is to reach top of adventuring career, and thats what she needs to accomplish before any of these yahoos can get out of …..The Asylum!!!!

Whaaaaat, this is so cool. :D



Tried to make an ugly sim but I think he turned out kind of cute D: