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everybody has a
secret world
inside of them

this one
is mine


He’s never told me how he got his scar…

Woah there. :D

sims-addiction replied to your photoset “Nouk’s Tommie hair in Remi/Nymphy waves, with dip-dyed tips in select…”

Thank you, it’s beautiful :’)

You’re very welcome, and thank you. :)

twofee replied to your photoset “Nouk’s Tommie hair in Remi/Nymphy waves, with dip-dyed tips in select…”

they look fantastic thora! i dont know if i like the blonde/blue or the brown/orange one best! happy easter beautiful :)

Thank you! :D I wasn’t sure about the colour combinations so I’m glad you like! Hope you had a good Easter too, with lots of chocolate. <3

Click for part 20. :)

— Anonymous said: Hello Thora! I'm sorry if i'm bothering you but i recently installed The Sims 2 again ( after many years without playing ) and i really forgot where the heck do i create and place the 'Downloads' folder. Do i create the folder on the base game one or on the most recent game ( ex: Mansion & garden stuff ) one ?

Hello! :D You’re not bothering me at all - welcome back to TS2!

It sounds like you’re looking at the folders in your Program Files. You want to go to My Documents/EA Games/Sims 2 instead, and the Downloads folder goes in there with all the other folders. :)

Hope I helped a bit!

— Anonymous said: WCIF these skins? thankss /post/57460061389

Hi anon! :) 

I made those skins myself, but I’m afraid I haven’t shared them as they’re very rough and unfinished. :<

Nouk’s Tommie hair in Remi/Nymphy waves, with dip-dyed tips in select Poppet’s Memories colours.

Binned, and elders go grey+pink!

Happy Easter! :)


Lothario has the strangest obsession with extra-terrestrial minerals…

I sent twentyfourfirst a Make a Wish request and they just sent me the finished product and—

 photo giphy_zpsf947935e.gif


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