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I did a bad thing… :( I recently deleted a number of skins that I thought were unused — but it turns out they were being used, and now poor Audrey Fizzgig is having a genetic crisis! This is how she looked before. :\

I aged her to teen and gave her a makeover. You know, to make myself feel better about the whole thing. :P as if a simmer needs an excuse to give makeovers, pah!

  1. januallysims said: ugh i know that feel. poor little white naomi… i never did figure out how to change her skintone.
  2. mswn said: Hate when that happens! I try to keep track of file names and SimPE values of all my playables at least, but sometimes an important townie will slip through the cracks, and it’s a real bummer. :(
  3. poppet-sims said: Do you not remember which skin she used before? If you don’t want to faff about changing things in simPE, you could download the skin and see if it reverts back? I know it does with eyes and stuff :)
  4. s655 said: Pretend she had an early goth phase!
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    WOAH, drastic change!
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